SIS Group is a family group founded by entrepreneur Philippe Austruy, a pioneer initially in the long-term care markets, setting up large private hospital care facilities, and later for childcare in France under the Crèches de France, brand, and in the rest of Europe with substantial facilities in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. 
The Group is also developing its real-estate, catering and wine-growing businesses.

SIS is a family-owned holding company under Belgian law with a capital of €299,499,000. SIS Group is led by a close-knit, loyal and dynamic team committed to implementing a coherent strategy, inspired by its founder's vision. The group has the skills and resources to successfully develop its various business units.



Personal services


Health care has been at the heart of Philippe Austruy's business for 40 years.

He founded the first medical and surgical hospital care group in France, bringing the industrial and professional dimension that the sector enjoys today. He went on to take part in the restructuring of the retirement-home sector. After Medidep and the first IPO in this sector, he expanded the business into Belgium and Luxembourg.

With the fundamental aim of people's well-being, SIS Group continues to work in long-term care for both young and older people in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal, developing a network of crèches, addiction treatment facilities, home-care services, residential facilities, etc. The Group is currently preparing to export its services to other countries in Europe and South America.

Crèches de Belgique
Crèches de France
Crèches luxembourgeoises



Services à la personne




Real estate


The capability to manage real-estate assets is a key factor for the success of the health industry. This competence has naturally developed within the SIS Group, focused primarily on managing buildings that house clinics, retirement homes, retail premises, crèches, etc. After these initial experiences, the business then expanded into property development and trading, and furniture rental. The real-estate division developed first in France and later in Belgium and Spain. The estimated value of the SIS Group property portfolio in 2012 was in excess of 400 million euros.

SIS Group founded the first French real-estate company specialising solely in long-term care and childcare, bringing its dedicated real-estate assets under the umbrella of the Foncière Siscare company.

The founding of Foncière Siscare is helping to optimise the human, technical and financial resources dedicated to the management of the group's assets, which have significantly increased in number, in step with the fast-growing markets for long-term care and childcare in France and Europe.


Art of living


For a group interested in people's well-being, the art of living is a central concern. Within SIS, the art of living is expressed through a wine-growing business, catering and contemporary art collections. SIS has reawakened several beautiful dormant wine-growing estates. A concern for quality and respect for the terroir and nature have revived them and made them flourish. After three such projects in France, the Group is developing in the Douro Valley in Portugal and in Italy. Quinta da Côrte is launching a wine-tourism business. The Group has recently acquired La Bernarde, a vineyard near the famous Commanderie de Peyrassol. This estate was acquired with the aim of developing organic wine production. You can find the natural produce of these vineyards in simple, authentic and lively restaurants, currently in Paris, Saint-Tropez, Megève and Brussels. The art of living theme continues in a park of more than 50 monumental sculptures in the Domaine de Peyrassol and an exhibition centre in Brussels. New works are regularly added in the sculpture park.

The Domaine of Peyrassol
Quinta da Corte in Portugal
Château Malescasse in Bordeaux
Tenuta Casenuove
Art in Peyrassol
Peyrassol shop
Your wedding at the Commanderie de Peyrassol
Hunting at the Commanderie de Peyrassol
Events in Peyrassol
Restaurants in Peyrassol
The Patinoire Royale


Domaine de Peyrassol

Domaine de Peyrassol

Domaine de Peyrassol

Chateau Malescasse

Tenuta Casenuove

Tenuta Casenuove

Tenuta Casenuove

La Bernarde

Quinta da Corte

Quinta da Corte








Philippe Austruy


At the helm of SIS, a family-owned holding company for all of his shareholdings and businesses, Philippe Austruy is a pioneering entrepreneur and business leader in the private health and long-term care industry.

Over the past forty years he has contributed to the present structure of the French health landscape by participating in the founding of private hospital-care groups, more specifically surgical clinics (medicine, surgery and obstetrics).

Philippe Austruy then committed to and reorganised the long-term care sector with the development of private care homes for the elderly and the design of a new format, post-acute care and rehabilitation centres, which have helped to contain hospital health expenditure. Finally, he supplemented the range of services dedicated to addiction by developing a home-care services business.

As a genuine pioneer of new horizons, he is also participating in the opening-up to private players in the childcare sector, thereby ramping up the supply of nursery places accessible to young parents. Based on the establishment of public/private partnerships, the founding and management of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) establishments offers turnkey solutions to hospitals and their employees as well as to local authorities and their constituents.

Finally, as a wine lover with a passion for the finest terroirs, Philippe Austruy has amassed a superb collection of vineyards that over the years he has rehabilitated with a focus on excellence: The Commanderie de Peyrassol and La Bernarde in Provence, Château Malescasse in the Haut Médoc, Quinta Da Côrte in the Douro Valley in Portugal and Tenuta Casenuove in the heart of Tuscany in Italy.

Born in 1949, Philippe Austruy is a graduate of the Paris Institute of Political Studies and has a doctorate in economics. An acknowledged expert in the health sector, he has authored a number of articles and books and held responsibilities within the Fédération Intersyndicale des Établissements d'Hospitalisation Privés (Private Hospital Care Federation - FIEHP), the private oncology syndicate and other sectoral organisations. He also founded the club of companies listed on the Nouveau Marché equity market which promoted growth companies.